Origins of ‘258 News’

Of whom does ‘258 News’ consist?

A fair question.  “258 News” consists of.. your co-anchors, co-producers and head writers: Anne Tomasetti and Alexandria Wailes. Their fabulous crew of usually one (or two) is indebted for assistance with odd jobs and holding the camera. The viewership of their audiences from the world over is not to be undermined. THANKS, GRAZIE, GRACIAS, DANKE, DOMO ARIGATO, etc!!!

In the process of broadening viewpoints and news updates, we are open to submissions from writers. See post “we need local/national writers for 258 news” for further details.

How often will “258 News” be shown?

As often as AT and AW are able to take the time out of their busy individual lives to get the material compiled, filmed and edited to share with the populace.

What did it take to start up “258 News”?

Inklets of blood from excessive nailbiting; a few trickles of sweat, some tears; a hefty dosage of swears that would make a battalion blush; many hours clacking away on laptops; A “Final Cut Pro editing for dummies” book; four funny bones and trussed up in a package of passion.

How long is each webisode?

Approximately ten minutes.

Why so long of a webisode?

We’re in the era of hurry.

Why so short?

It’s good leaving audiences wanting more.

How did “258 News” come about??

Within the dark recesses of a theatre, not too long ago… AT and AW were discussing their mutual appreciation for silliness, wry humor, dry witticism and personal views of the world. (It was a deep conversation). One of  their peers suggested they explore creating a series of webisodes as newsanchors. A brilliant notion. With the format inspired by Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update”; contents would consist of news found to be informative and flavored with satire and the view points of two deaf women.

Now.. for the simpler truth. Anne and Alexandria were quite restless with the lack of highly creative work and did something about it. Proactivity is the way to go!!

What does the ‘258’ part stand for?

In your ASL dictionaries or even online resources.. look up the signs for “very” and “interesting”. It’s slang and a play off the classifier handshapes.

2 responses to “Origins of ‘258 News’

  1. Oh, that’s why 258! I had guessed it meant read-ah-find!

  2. I remember discussing with Steve C. in a haze for hours about the very meaning of 258 I thought it was the coolest thing EVER. It’s so awesome you’ve reconstructed that tidbit from my past… Thanks!

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