258 News Episode #4: Hollywood

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12 responses to “258 News Episode #4: Hollywood

  1. awesome episode! your best work yet! =)

  2. Darren Fudenske

    Brilliant, brilliant! I would watch over and over again if you did 100 episodes. “Tapeheads” ROCK-A!

  3. *laughing*

    Thanks for a good laugh, gals, and for putting on a great show! 🙂

    A new fan here… 🙂

    Looking forward to your next one!

    Keep up the great work….



  4. Champs! Champs! Champs! No question about that! Keep it coming and I’m still laughing upon those neato bloopers! Rock on Gals!

  5. hahahahehehehehohohohoho….Didn’t make it to the gym, but boy – you guys made up for it! Im doubled over in sitches…..! Please do the botox parody again with more scripts as recurring characters!!!!

  6. You guys really rocked my world! I had so much fun watching this episode!

    The botox clip was hilarious!! Hell, the entire thing..

    So, about that kissing booth… hehe

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with all the other marvy comments. And … the heck with that 5-cents kissing booth – you remarkable ladies could get FAR MORE than that tiny sum, right, people? AND, to help run that small biz kissing booth, you might even qualify for gov’t bailout funds (oh – wait – that’s not PC – make that “troubled assets relief program”. hahahahaha
    SO glad you gals are back! Botox gals had me cryin’! And the outtakes/bloopers are better than ever. FANTASTIC, clever episode. More, More!

  8. Of course I agree with Fabu- the fine ladies are worth MUCH MORE than that 5 cents…

    But for selfish reasons, I’m cheering for the 5 cents.. More bang for the buck!

    Err.. um.. OK, I’ll crawl back under the rock where I belong.

    Sorry, carry on the good fight!

  9. “more bang for the buck” – Oh, Tim, you naughty guy! (But I’m laughing just the same.) Perhaps the ladies will make a secret deal w/you. 😉 Btw, do you want that (potential) kiss from them in their spot-on roles as John Cusack and Tim Robbins? Or ….

  10. I would answer, but I’m trying my best to behave!!!


  11. Aye, they look handsome as men, don’t they? Nothing wrong with a unique fantasy.


  12. Tim, I appreciate your resolve to behave ;-).

    Jules, aye, indeed! grins

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