258 News Episode #3: Deafhood Special

CRYSTAL-CLEAR .mov format, click this LINK

22 responses to “258 News Episode #3: Deafhood Special

  1. rolflmaolololwtfmohfo!

    Just champ! Seriously, this needs to be picked up by scouters for new tv shows…..what about that Adam guy for disabilities at ABC?

  2. CHAMP! Hilarious and very subtle!

    Good point at the end of the show.

    Lots of symbolism, implied messages and many more!

    Great job, Anne and Alexandria!

    Amy Cohen Efron

  3. Oh My God.


    Seriously, my socks were knocked off.. You guys are..way way beyond awesome.

    Like.. way.

    Wow. WOW.

  4. OMFG!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!


    You guys keep each show more fresh on each time!!!!! WOW!
    SO FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!!! I can’t stop laughing all the way to the end. I’m still laughing!

    Misha 😀

  5. *chuckle* Thumb up! wait a min.. let me get my another hand! Now, Thumb(S) up! *chuckle*

  6. Great show! I have been watching Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno and other shows and they always make joke about famous people who do good things for our country. I thought why didn’t we have one so I am truly glad that you are doing this since Ella and Gernie have been doing superb for our community. Now you made their names heard so I hope this will encourage organizations from all over the world to invite them to give presentation about Deafhood. I love you for that. Great job! Impressive done! Smacks Smacks Smacks!!! 🙂

  7. Aww man, you knocked me out with laughters! I mos def enjoyed this! Awesome job!

    Looking fwd to the next one!

  8. Wun-der-ful…. Cre-a-tive….CHAMP!

    I bet, lots of work to making it, Sooo…Many Many Thanks!

  9. I know Ella Mae, David, Genie and the rest will burst out laughing at this episode.

    Another priceless episode in the making.

    Double cheers to 258News for making another champ vlog.


  10. Ha ha ha…good stuff….

  11. Awesome, AWESOME, Awesome!!!!

    I’m in awe……
    your work is AMAZING, so funny and just top-notch!

    I can’t wait for the next one.

  12. That is hilarious! I am sure GG and EML will love it…. keep it up! We just had Deafhood workshop in St. Louis this past weekend. They did fantastic job and everyone went home with more pride in understanding what Deafhood is all about! You will be GLAD that you are having your workshop on Nov 15th! GO FOR IT! =)

    Paul Kiel
    MoAD’s Presentation: In Search of Deafhood
    November 1, 2008
    St. Louis, MO

    P.S. Time to stamp out colonialism!

  13. BRILLIANT! Yes, BRILLIANT! Some TV producer really needs to get with it and sign you two up for a regular show. ‘Can’t wait for the next episode. Til’ then, I’m going to go back and view all three of these over and over. (‘Love the transition to S.B., Little Superstar, at the end. You all are hilarious!) Cheers!!!

    Oh yeah – Congrats to our new President-Elect Barack H. Obama and V.P.-Elect Joe Biden from my home state! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  14. Someone pointed me to your EXCELLENT 258 News!! You certainly pushed the production expectations to higher level – Thank You!!

    I definitely will share this with my Talon News production crew (at CSD Fremont) and push them to produce something like yours.

    And you all will DEFINITELY enjoy the Deafhood workshop – I never get bored after watching it several times. Have fun!!

  15. Wow! Amazing. I was wondering when will a Deaf/ASL TV show come on! Reallly someone should make it!
    Wish I can go to the workshop! Maybe they’re coming to Mich!

  16. Crying, it’s very HiLaRiOuS! Keep it up…wish it could put up on television for everyone to watch it!

  17. dang girlz! That was a whirlwind and I can see all the hard work in every shot. keep ’em coming!!!

  18. Really GOOD. Keep em coming!

  19. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  20. it was fun to watch! fun plot solver! keep up, and i ll keep watchin!

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