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8 responses to “258 NEWS EPISODE #2

  1. you girls rock!!!i was so impressed!!

  2. Oh My *Bleep* Gawd!
    That’s *bleep* great *bleep* piece I ever *bleep* seen in a *bleep* while!

    You *bleep* are the *bleep* best *bleep* newscasters! *BLEEP!*

    Keep ’em *bleep* coming! *BLEEP!*

    Misha 😛 😀

  3. What a powerful team on and off camera. Alexa and Anne – you two are freakin’ (make that “BLEEPIN'”) fantastic! SO creative, witty, clever, intelligent … I could bleepin’ go on and on. My only disappointment is that the show is too bleepin’ short!

  4. Ow… My cheeks and throat *BLEEP* hurt from laughing so hard! You guys *BLEEP* ROCK!

  5. Hearing aid mold tastes good, uh? lol The second show is champ too……

  6. The *bleepin’* segment is CHAMP!

    I could not stop laughing my *bleep* off!


  7. ROFLMAO……You girls are silly as crazy as crazy can be!

  8. Love LOVE LOVE this!!!!

    More, more!! 🙂

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