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39 responses to “258 NEWS EPISODE #1!

  1. Whoo! That was badass! Can’t wait to see this light up the blogosphere – be nice to see this on the Huff Post. Rock on!

  2. I certainly got 258’d! Power to 258 News! 😀

  3. Oh my god! This is so so so funny! I am stuck in OHare airport and you got me laughing over those miserable people who have been waiting for their delayed flight…thrice! THANKS! Looking forward to more 258News!


    I love the SONG!


    Very creative and I LOVE IT!

    Will definitely think of something to write so I can make a contribution to 258 News.

    Huge huge potential!

    Amy Cohen Efron

  5. Very interesting! Good job! You both are soo wonderful jokes! want to see your news next vlog more coming soon!

    keep it up!!


  6. This is an amazing! i already fall in love with this!!!

  7. Yep, I like my clear black and white CCing !!!!

  8. I’m speechless with admiration…what talent, what creativity! I can’t wait to see more! Hands waving way high!

  9. 258 is what PURE DEAF ENTERTAINMENT is all about!

  10. Excellent! Very, very excellent! Particularly loved the “gift” of the speech therapists. Har!

    And the rock song… fabulous! 🙂

  11. standing ovation…258 times!

  12. *handwaves!* I LOVE IT!

    We need more vlogs like this! *bookmarks you guys*


    I truly love it so much! This is real refreshing and innovation! You will get more audience than ever!

    *hands wave* Awesome! Keep up great work. Can’t wait to see your next vlog to keep us in stitches.

    Misha 😀

  14. Very Amazing !! I already bookmarks and ready for next more vlogs…..

  15. Terrific! Thousands and a wild applause!

  16. Catherine Tomasetti

    Standing ovation is right!! You were both so funny and energetic! I loved your slant on the current news stories. Thank-you for the captions for the hearing folks. They are appreciated!!!

  17. Good one! U rock US on! A.

  18. Knew it in you guys. Love you guys and you knew it.


  19. That was so incredible – I’m so impressed. I can’t believe how well this came out and I was there at the beginning!!!!!!! (Th poppycock looked familiar 🙂
    You both rock. And Annie – oh my god, the production was amazing. I look forward to more episodes.

    Congrats on a job WELL DONE.

  20. Witty, funny, creative, …. we need more of it.

    Cannot wait for the episode #2

  21. MORE! You ladies cracked me up! MORE!

  22. *Hand-waving* WOW very creative and funnier network!
    Looking forward to episode #2, and #3 and ……. … ….

  23. Thank to Amy Cohen Efron! Now, I RSS’d this!

  24. I agree with Benno. your work only reinforces my optimism about the future of Deaf theatre and film–that future is now.

  25. Anne!!!!!! WOW.. As I said in your office your work gonna to be awesome after I saw your rough cuts.. I am not surprised but I find your work way more than awesome… I look forward to seeing more of your work…

    Alexendera and Anne: Both of you work together very well. Perfect partners! Keep it up good work.

  26. Off to excellent start!!! Congratulations and it’s truly amazing to see how we, the Deaf people, have reached to that level. Look forward to you future episodes!!

  27. What is a better word than ‘excellent’? How ’bout fan-freakin-tastic?! 258news is, without any doubt, the most original, professional, hilarious, well-produced & directed news show that I’ve ever seen. TV has so much to learn from you! KUDOS to everyone associated with 258news, especially Alexandria & Anne. And, finally, thx so much for the captions.

  28. Love it and looking forward to see more of it. They are AWESOME!!!

  29. Hilarious!! I look forward to more.

  30. ~what an awesome show~ i love that song!!!

  31. Cherry in China sent me here. She wrote “SO FUNNY VIDEO .. WATCH THIS .. ENJOY!!” ( she was right. )

  32. beautiful 258 news.. great show with asl real great .. 🙂

  33. I’m totally blown away by this superb editing ‘n acting jobs ! Congrats and you gals rocks! Keep it up and we are behind ya all the way!!!

    I’m gathering news writers for ya ‘n keep ya eyes open for more lights to shine upon ya!

  34. Oh that’s too far out! Keep up for 258 News!! Come on! Come on! Come on! MORE NEWS MORE!! You are so witty!

    Good Work and keep on LAUGH!

  35. I love your news broadcasting for the deafies.Outstanding work! Ill pass this your site to everyone.Let Rock!

  36. you girls rock!!!i was so impressed and laughing so hard too keep up the good work you girls and thanks for doing this for all of us we love u for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. So, you need writers. Any topics from any nation? Both from the hearing and deaf world? Both serious and funny news?

  38. Pah!
    An outlet for some of my writing!

  39. Champ! Just simply champ!

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